Past Tale authors offer congratulations for reading program’s recent honor

Monday, May 21, 2012
By Ben Beagle,

In the days after Friends of Richmond Memorial Library awarded its annual Friends of the Year award to the A Tale for Three Counties community reading project, three more past Tale authors sent congratulatory notes.

Howard Frank Mosher (2004, “Northern Borders”) called Tale “the best literary event I’ve ever attended, much less been part of”and said it was a privilege to have been a participating author.

Also sending notes were Jennifer Donnelly (2006, “A Northern Light”) and Thomas Mullen (2008, “The Last Town of Earth”).

Previously, Yannick Murphy (2012, “The Call”) and Hillary Jordan (2011, “Mudbound”), sent notes that were read at the ceremony.

Friends of Richmond Memorial Library, a volunteer group that supports the library, presented the Tale project with the 2012 Friend of the Year Award during a April 13 reception in the Gallery Room of Richmond Library, 19 Ross St. The reception came less than three weeks after Tale ended its 10th year of programming.

From Jennifer Donnelly:

Congratulations to Tale on this amazing honor — and please forgive my late reply. I have two books in the works at once and am extremely backed up with my email, and everything else. I’m sorry I missed the deadline on this, as I have such great memories of my experience with Leslie and Ben and everyone else affiliated with the program. Again, my apologies, and all my best wishes for the continued success of the program.

From Howard Frank Mosher:

Congratulations on a very well deserved award!

The Tale for Three Counties Project is the best literary event I’ve ever attended, much less been part of. It brings together authors, librarians, and community members in a unique way that should become a model for libraries and communities from coast to coast. What a privilege to have been a participating author.

From Thomas Mullen:

Suffice it to say, I had a great time participating in Tale back in ’08 and I really appreciate all the hard work that Leslie and everyone else did. It’s a wonderful program and I’m happy to hear that it’s continuing, and that you’ve been recognized for your efforts.

The notes echoed sentiments shared by Jordan and Murphy.

Jordan said she sensed during her three days in the area that Tale “was reaching all sorts of people who otherwise would not be reading literature, opening their minds to its possibilities and encouraging future explorations of books while also uniting the community.”

“It was a great honor to participate in such a worthy program,” she wrote.

This year’s author, Murphy, used the log format of her novel “The Call” to recount how she was invited to participate in Tale and the actions that followed.

She wrote: “Was greeted so warmly by all involved with the Tale I considered that the place was possibly enchanted and I had crossed over into a better world.

“Leslie DeLooze and the entire committee deserve praise and gratitude. What they’ve organized for your towns is the smartest kind of gift because it’s a situation where everyone wins,” Murphy wrote. “The community gains from a mutual discussion which begins everyone closer together, the writer gains from the broadening of his or her audience, and literature is brought to the forefront reminding everyone of how valuable a library can be for young and old alike.”

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