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Posted: Saturday, September 14, 2013 
By Ben Beagle Special to The Daily News

Author Peter Troy will give a local audience the first look at his second book, “The Plowshare Legacy,” when he returns next month for a fundraising dinner for the “A Tale for Three Counties” community reading project.

Troy wove a tale of Irish immigration and his own family’s history during the 2013 Tale program in March which featured his debut novel, “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You.”

“I think that audiences were charmed by Peter Troy,” said Leslie DeLooze, the Richmond Memorial librarian who leads the Tale project. “It was one of those instances where people didn’t know quite what to expect and then had a great time hearing him speak.”

They get that chance again during “An Evening with Peter Troy,” scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 18 at Hoag Library, 134 South Main St., Albion. The roast turkey dinner will be catered by D&R Depot, Le Roy, and include all the trimmings. A vegetarian dish will also be offered.

The menu was chosen to go with the autumn date of the event, said Stacey Anderson, director of Corfu Free Library, and a member of the Tale for Three Counties Council, the non-profit that organizes Tale programs.

The event is also expected to include an announcement about Tale’s 2014 book selection.

Troy plans on doing a short reading or two from the manuscript for his upcoming “The Plowshare Legacy,” a sequel to his Tale title. The new book is due out next year.

“I’m just finishing it now,” Troy said, “and my agent hasn’t even seen it, so the folks at the dinner will be the first to hear, or see, any of it.”

All four characters from his debut novel — Irish immigrant Ethan McOwen, the refined Spanish immigrant Marcella, and escaped slaves Mary and Micah — make an appearance as they pass a torch to a new generation. The primary characters of the new book, Troy said, are the grandson and great granddaughter of Ethan and Marcella.

“I think that readers really liked the idea of the story continuing with characters they had met in ‘May the Road Rise Up to Meet You,’ so I expect that readers will be anxious to hear some snippets from the next book,” DeLooze said.

“The Plowshare Legacy” covers a period from 1907 to 1950, with a prologue from 1847 when Ethan first arrived in America. About half the book takes place in Cooperstown — where “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You” ended — while the rest is set in Europe and New York City, Troy said.

“The historical backdrop this time is World War I and II and the Depression,” Troy said. “The copy of ‘The Odyssey’ that Ethan carried with him from Ireland will pop back up along with a mysterious ‘fund’ that is passed down from father to daughter carrying the burden of undefined expectations.”

Troy said the new book is meant to stand on its own as a story, but the reader of the first book will have a deeper appreciation for some of the story and an insight into the new characters and the legacy they must live up to.

“I am greatly looking forward to sharing (the book) with the people who were so wonderfully supportive of ‘May the Road Rise Up to Meet You’,” Troy said.

Tale is a community reading project organized by the public libraries in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties and the library at Genesee Community College. The project encourages community members to read and discuss the same book, then meet the author for a series of talks and book signings each March. The 2014 program is scheduled March 20 to 22.

Several Tale authors have returned for programs such as the Tale book announcements or release-events for their own books. The Peter Troy dinner is similar to “An Evening with Julia Spencer-Fleming,” a catered dinner presented several years ago at Richmond Library.

“We have been so lucky with our authors, in that they are as enthusiastic about our one-book program as we are, and Peter offered to return to help us with a fundraiser,” DeLooze said.

Tickets for “An Evening with Peter Troy” cost $25 per person and must be purchased in advance. Tickets are available at Hoag Library, Richmond Memorial Library, 19 Ross St., Batavia; Perry Public Library, 70 North Main St., Perry; and Albert C. O’Connell Library at GCC, 1 College Rd., Batavia. Requests for tickets may also be made through the other public libraries in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties and by calling Richmond Library at (585) 343-9550, Ext. 8.

Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the “A Tale for Three Counties” community reading program.

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