2012 John Essay

The Call Essay by John Draper – 2012

THE CALL: Not a phone call but a calling of little voices saying “Daddy, we’re awake! Get us out of bed!”

ACTION: Get out of bed and start my day earlier than I wanted to. My son and daughter are both awake ready to start their day at the crack of dawn.

THOUGHTS: I don’t want to be awake right now, oh well. It is what it is.

WHAT MY KIDS SAY: Daddy we’re hungry. Daddy we want a sippy. Daddy where’s Momma?

WHAT I SAY: Okay. Okay. She’s at work. What do we want for breakfast? Waffles? Okay, sounds good.

THE CALL: A real phone call not a wake up, Daddy your children are awake call. It’s the creditors asking me for the ninety-seventh time this week if I was aware that I am behind in payments.

ACTION: To yell loudly at them about bothering me after I have made it a point to tell them I am indeed aware of being behind and that I’m working on getting them the money, so don’t call again.

AFTER THE WIFE GETS HOME: We have dinner, meat loaf with mashed potatoes and the vegetable of choice, today it just so happens to be green beans.

WHAT I TELL THE WIFE: Dinner was good; I’ll do the dishes Sweetie.

WHAT THE WIFE DOES: Gets the hell out of the kitchen as fast as possible. I assume she is running away as fast as she can before she thinks I change my mind.

ACTION: It’s 9PM, bedtime for the kids! We put them to bed and talk about our days. Hers was good mine was, well it was mine.

WHAT THE CLOCK SAYS TO ME: John go to bed! You have classes in the morning and you need to get your beauty sleep.

MY THOUGHTS ABOUT WHAT THE CLOCK HAS JUST TOLD ME: I do need to go to bed but I don’t think going to bed will make me anymore or any less beautiful.

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