2012 Tim Essay

Essay by Tim Velleko – 2012

CALL: My mother calls me downstairs to get ready for school.
WHAT I LEARNED AT SCHOOL: School is not for me. I’m pretty good at wrestling, kids’ smell; that’s what I learned.
WHAT I DID AT HOME: Did my nightly rituals: family dinner, homework, watch television, and then, go to bed.
CALL: Mother calls me downstairs to get ready for school.
WHAT I LEARNED IN SCHOOL: If I’m disruptive, I can escape the learning process!
THOUGHTS: Can’t wait to chill with my buddies after wrestling practice.
CALL: My father calls me and says that two deer have been hit near our house. One has died and is hanging in our garage. The other deer has run off with life threatening wounds.
WHAT MY FRIENDS AND I DID ONCE THERE: Went out to a field near the accident and because there was snow, we found a blood trail. Following the trail, we crawled through a thicket, eventually finding the deer in the middle of the next field over. 
WHAT IT DID: The deer’s survival instinct kicked in. Despite having two broken legs, the deer got up and ran. I was able to catch up with it and force it down to the ground. 
MY THOUGHTS: We need to put it out of it’s misery. Extra venison would be good. Did I really just tackle a deer?
RESULT: It got a burst of energy and knocked me over. We tracked the deer for two hours and ended up having no choice but to leave it for the environment to decide its fate.
WHAT WINTER SAID: I’m going to get the deer. I am bitter and have been following you for a while. I’ve frosted your feet, so you’d best be on your way.
FINAL THOUGHTS: My feet are freezing, we’d best be getting home. We’re barbarians, poor deer. I can’t wait until tomorrow to tell everyone at my wrestling tournament about our adventure.

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