2014 Winning Essays

1st place winner
Kelly Schubert

In The Age of Miracles, the author introduces us to two drastically different types of people, the “clock-timers” and the “real-timers.”  In this story, they are living such drastically different lives that each views the other as wrong.  It becomes a society suffering from segregation at its highest form but I feel it is based upon neither group knowing what is right.
If I had the decision to make between which societal belief I would subscribe to, I believe I would be more inclined to follow the “clock-timers.”  I feel that a society needs some general sense of normalcy.  Even in the midst of the complete unknown that the characters in our book were facing, I feel trying to keep some balance helps to keep people calm and on track.  I would need to continue with my established schedule the best that could be possible, regardless of where the sun was hanging in the sky.  It would be difficult when you must go to school or work in the dark, come home in the dark, and just as you are about to go to bed, the sun comes out.  However, this happens hundreds of thousands of times, every day, all over the world with shift workers.
As much as most people like to claim they are “individual” and make their own rules, I feel that we must all find the common ground to work together as a society.  You cannot be one of the few doing everything on your own time schedule and expect to be very successful.  Eventually you will need the help or services of someone that is on a regular schedule. You cannot expect to go get fresh baked bread at midnight “clock-time” any more than you can expect the gardener to come at noon when the moon is out.
“Clock-time” may seem boring and part of “The System” but without the symbols of standard time and rules, society would stand very unevenly divided.  While I do not approve of the unjust treatment the “real-timers” would receive, I stand firm that it would be for the best for everyone to conform on this subject.

2nd place winner
Laurie Bush

We have to follow the clock, I couldn’t imagine not having my future planned out on my calendar. I am the person that needs to know what tomorrow will bring. How dare anyone even consider ignoring clock time, it was an appalling thought. I was trying to wrap my mind around the difficulty that many were having with deciding to clock or not. It must have been my stubborn way of thinking as I pushed aside the many issues the slowing would cause. I would find a way to work around the issues and justify my need to stay on clock time. With every growing concern I read, I still held on to the hopes that there was a way to adjust the hands of time. Hope was fading by the page, I began to question myself if I could fully function in darkness as I do in the light. I wondered how the loss of energy that would overtake my body due to lack of sunlight would truly affect my routines. Then, like a cork shot from a bottle it hit me, routines-what routines? Clock or not, my schedules, plans, events and my comfort would be gone. The comfort of the clock would be gone, time would no longer have true meaning in daily life. I would have to put aside my “need to know” and accept that if I wanted to survive life, enjoy life and really plan out the rest of my life, I would need to let go of the clock. I would become what I protested and tried my best to reject, a real-timer.

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